The research recently performed by Fronteer Strategy and market research bureau Ruigrok | Netpanel has been very well received in the media; it was aired on Radio 1 and the number of websites that published the results of the research exceeded expectations. Amongst them Adformatie, Molblog, Distrifood, VEA, Marketing Tribune and Zibb.

The results, that state that the more accessible a brand, the more it is perceived as “attractive” and “innovative”, are also picked up across the border: Frank Pillar links the research to a recently performed MIT research study by open innovation expert Eric von Hippel and Johann Füller.

Fronteer and some of the brands included in the research were present at Ruigrok’s ‘Zomerborrel’, where the results were presented as well. Some brands have already reacted to it and want to have deeper insights into the results. We are proud and happy that the research has brought about so many reactions and are looking forward to the potential continuation it can have.