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James Veenhoff, Martijn Pater and Hein van Es

About us

Clarity and concepts for growth.

At Fronteer, we believe that complex challenges deserve breakthrough thinking.

Together with our clients and carefully curated teams of external experts, we develop clear strategies and compelling concepts for growth. It is our mission to co-create and ignite remarkable solutions for brands, institutions and the environment. To do so, we have become experts in co-creation, developing and fine-tuning a variety of proprietary tools. This allows us to apply different methodologies throughout the innovation funnel.

Experts in Co-creation

Clients turn to us to engage experts and stakeholders in meaningful collaboration.

More and more, our clients are dropping their traditional methods and linear processes in favour of an open, more collaborative approach to innovation. Sometimes seen as ‘disruptive’, our approach engages the experience, perspective and intuitive input of “experts” from various perspectives to ‘crack’ complex challenges. These experts are hand-picked by our in-house team of dedicated ‘expert connectors’.

Innovation, Inspiration and Impact

“The force exerted by a new idea, concept, technology or ideology. Influence, with a clear moment of collision”. That’s how we define impact, one of our key promises. In our view, successful innovation is more than just developing something new – its about generating momentum and acquiring the mandate to get it off the drawing board and into peoples’ hearts, minds and shopping baskets.


A typical Fronteer project starts with a tough strategic question…

A specialised toolkit

Our team and tools have been fine-tuned in over 7 years of experience across categories and industries. Our projects typically involve diagnostic-, strategy & concept development- and validation steps, all starting with a clear challenge and using our own tried-and-tested methodologies.

Experts in co-creation.

One of the most critical factors for successful co-creation is selecting the right collaborators: select ONLY the best. We took our own advice and have set up a separate, dedicated team to conceive, curate and connect the very best possible groups of experts. Meet our Expert Connectors, on a mission every day to find the rare breed of 1%-er experts that can help us crack the challenge.

The Fronteers

Martijn Pater

Martijn is one of the founding partners and runs Fronteer on a day-to-day basis. Before Fronteer, he worked at Bain & Company and traveled across Asia and Europe by motorbike. Martijn is also one of the initiators of NDSM Energie - a coop that will empower 400+ companies at the Amsterdam NDSM wharf to produce energy locally. In his free time Martijn truly enjoys cooking. For this reason he started a non-profit cooking school Couscous - bridging cultures while eating great food.

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James Veenhoff

James is one of the founding Partners and Strategist at Fronteer. He has a background in Anthropology, Business and Brand Development. Within the 'strategist' team, he leads the Brand Development practice and enjoy projects with strong 'brand' components. Outside the office James enjoys surfing, his moped and family time. Besides his work at Fronteer, James is strongly involved in a project to transform the denim industry, called the House of Denim.

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Hein van Es

As Partner and Strategist at Fronteer, Hein specialises in digital cases and brands. He has been part of the Fronteer team for 6 years and has a background in Industrial Design, Marketing, Product and Online Development. Hein is also co-founder of, the biggest independent sports platform in the Netherlands.

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The Fronteer team

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